‘Alur’ in Indonesian literally means channel or flow, but is also used to indicate story or plot (alur cerita), the flow of one’s words (alur kata), the way one’s heart leans (alur hati) or even the flow of history (alur sejarah). 

Harumi Supit – Principal

Combining a creative background with hands-on business experience, Harumi is a Communications Advisor at AC Ventures, a board member of PannaFoto Foundation and a startup co-founder (since acquired). She has worked extensively with creative agencies, global lifestyle brands and blue-chip corporates, and her her annual and sustainability reporting have won global awards. She previously led corporate communications for OVO under Grab. A graduate of Brown University, she began her career in investment consulting.

Kurie Suditomo – Principal

Kurie brings together 10 years of in-depth journalism at Tempo with senior government and NGO/CSO communications experience. She served as the Director for Communication, Program & Ecosystem Developments for Program Kartu Prakerja, the government’s flagship edtech upskilling platform, as the Head of Public Initiatives at OVO, and as a World Bank communications specialist. Kurie also co-founded CodingCamp.ID, a digital literacy initiative. She holds a Fulbright-earned Master’s degree from Ohio University.

Novie Marlika – Expert

Novie has an exceptional track record in customer experience, communication, and knowledge management on both digital and conventional channels. As the former VP Customer Experience at OVO, she oversaw a team of +700 staff. She also held senior positions at BTPN and Astraworld. The recipient of numerous local, regional and global awards, Novie has frequently served as a speaker and trainer. She holds a Master’s degree in Diplomacy from the University of Indonesia.

Dr. Ratri Istania – Expert

With a lifelong passion for policy and research, Dr. Ratri currently heads the Undergraduate Program on State Administration Development at STIA LAN. She was previously Head of the Public Policy Program at NIPA and a senior Researcher at Populi Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research. An experienced grant writer, Dr. Ratri is a Fulbright recipient with a Master’s degree from Ohio University and a Doctorate in Political Science from Loyola University Chicago.