Client: Intudo

Brand & Narrative

Intudo brand messaging

Five years after it was founded, Intudo, a venture capital (VC) firm with over $200 million in assets and strong Silicon Valley ties, was ready to refresh its brand. Branding agency Thinking Room put a distinctive visual spin on the website and brand collateral. 

Meanwhile, our Principal worked with the Intudo team to refine their business positioning and messaging, and cascaded it down to the website copy.

Namely, establishing Intudo’s position as the only global VC firm that invests exclusively in Indonesia–a position and USP  that sets them apart in the increasingly crowded investment industry.

Brand & Narrative

C-PRO brand positioning

C-PRO, a premium mattress retailer in Indonesia, was having trouble communicating its brand proposition and attracting customers. We helped them to figure out a stronger Unique Selling Proposition, highlighting their patented Japanese technology for ultra-clean mattresses.

When this brand position was communicated on the website, collaterals and digital ad campaigns, C-PRP experienced significant improvement in conversion and sales once customers came to their offline touchpoints to try the mattresses. If you’re in the market for a good mattress, check out C-PRO!

Client: C-Pro

Client: B20 / Kadin

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Brand & Narrative

B20 Speechwriting

Without doubt, a major career highlight for Harumi (Principal at Alur): having the honor to help shape the opening and closing speeches of Pak Arsjad Rasjid at the B20 Summit Indonesia 2022, addressing President Joko Widodo and delegates in his capacity as Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and Host of B20 Indonesia.

Strategy brand awareness

Our Principal Kurie successfully built brand awareness for digital literacy initiative CodingCamp.ID on a tight budget, establishing 3 branches and enabling CodingCamp.Id to be held in prestigious schools such as Santa Ursula and others.

To do so, Kurie leveraged word of mouth from satisfied participants as well as media outreach to spread awareness, and engaged with sponsors such as Indosat to drive additional exposure and buy-in.


Client: Gokomodo


Gokomodo effective media outreach

Gokomodo, a leading agritech supply chain company in Indonesia, was flying under the radar despite its growing footprint. Once the C-level gave buy-in, we worked with management to identify what Gokomodo has done that would be interesting for media pick-up, in the context of national concerns.

As it happened, President Jokowi had recently highlighted fertilizer shortages as an issue, and food security has also been highlighted in the wake of the 2022 G20 meeting.

Thus, Gokomodo’s achievement in distributing 2% of national fertilizer supply was interesting and relevant to the media, and achieved significant media pickup as a result.